Common Name: Ice Dance Sedge Grass

Scientific Name: Carex, ‘Ice Dance’

Zone: 4-5

Height: 8-12"

Width: 12-18’’

Shape: Tight Uniform Grass

Foliage: Deep Green Variegated White

Light Requirements: Partial Shade to Full Shade

Bloom Time: June

Description: Nice border plant with good texture/form. Deer Resistant & Evergreen. Sedges are grass-like plants, mostly preferring sites with moist, rich soil. This Japanese selection forms a low, tufted mound of dark green grassy leaves, each edged in bright white. Spreads slowly underground to form a small patch, making this useful as a groundcover or edging plant in the shade. Clumps may be divided in early spring, if desired. Small spikes of brownish flowers appear in late spring, but these are insignificant. Evergreen in habit. In colder regions, any winter-scorched leaf tips may be trimmed with scissors in spring.